Sunday, February 12, 2012

To Return

     I am a bit of an odd duck. While most other birds flock to warmer climates during the winter I long to head the other direction. I long for the cold weather. There is something special about the crisp sensation that your body feels as you step outside when the temperature is making the thermometer cry. The chills send a tingling sensation up your spine and lets you know that you're alive.

     One of the reasons that I tell people I like the cold is it's easier to warm myself off than it is to cool myself off. My internal thermostat runs hotter than most others.  I can always put something else on if I am cold, but I can only take off so much before they arrest me.

     This weekend I am back home in Kansas, and I don't think the temperature has been above freezing since I got here. I walked out of the airport while the windchill was making it feel like 14 degrees wearing a hoodie and a pair of shorts. There is even a chance of snow tonight and tomorrow. I would love to see snow. Other than movies I haven't seen those beautiful water crystals. I love how clean the world looks just after a fresh coating of snow. I'm hoping that this trip will convince my brain that it truly is winter in the Northern Hemisphere.

     I feel sticky and gross when I get hot. I sweat a lot, and I feel the energy being drained from me as every drop of sweat falls to the ground. With the cold weather I feel energized. I was playing Ultimate Frisbee last year during a freezing rain. After about 20 minutes of playing my extremities were quite cold. I decided to sprint to the goal and hoped my teammate would see me and throw it for a score. When I started sprinting I could feel warmth shooting from my core into my arms and legs. At that moment I was so invigorated. I had never felt my blood coursing through my veins with such ferocity before.

     Since I have a blog and followers of the same I will inform you that music resonates with every fiber of my being. Rock music is particularly in tune with what I think or feel. The theme of this my trip home is Chevelle's "To Return" The last line of the song is:

                                        "To return to the cold. It isn't much but I'm free at last."


  1. Oh to play in the snow! I must admit, this tropical winter has been kinda nice, spending the day at the beach when I know my classmates are dealing with the joys of finals... but I miss winter so much! I'm so sick of being sweaty! Haha, cool post, and blog :) Take care and God bless!

  2. This is why we're friends! I love that I was born in December because I also love cold weather and insist to people that winter lets you layer while summer leads to sweaty Justin no matter what. People think we're crazy, but I get you!